I offer a range of services to help small business, non-profits and individuals. From computer issues to websites. Help and advice

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Web Services

Web design London for all your needs including graphic design, social media, advice and help. Hosting and setup, email and more

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IT Services

For help and training for anything computer related, with virus removal, system issues, updates, problems and more

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Design for your needs

I work towards solutions within a your requirements. I have a simple sustainable lifestyle and a completely reliable low cost web host, if that is the way you wish to go.

I am a mature student and do not need to charge big money to supply websites at a sensible price.


Many people wish to build their own sites to save money, some with more success than others. I myself started this way back in 1998 and the way to learn is through pitfalls and mistakes. However, if you wish to cut out a lot of the agony, I can offer help and advice to get you through the steep learning curve.